Philip Seymour Hoffman is Andy Kaufman

Andy Kaufman is Philip Seymour Hoffman

collage 2014
Kim Kukoraitis

collage 2014

Kim Kukoraitis

June 30th, 2013

Daphne was a fumbling woman, with dedicated passion to the fornication of disasters. Words exchanged were never to be kind. Her heart in a farm land of 1895 or some earlier time. Liason for the Church-goer wife. She had nothing but her piano fingers feeling nervous,

all the time.

Radio shoe-in, her strings were tied. Not only to the cobwebs of history, but to the demands of time.

Drowning hands, drowning fingers

Drowning all the time.

The depth of this corrosive mind, deep diving into the hands of weak willed, which rubbed on her sea shell shores a little tougher than sea bound eyes. Beyond recognized flies, no one could catch her heart beat in an petri-dish.

How could you go on living knowing the Earth wants to extinguish you? Knowing.

"I wish to exchange the truth please,"…
"But, unfortunately there is no return policy."

Why should it matter is what I say.

You’d trade dessert for dinner any day, nobody saw you arriving of promise a keep railway, no luggage to brave physically by demands of language. Europeans crafted good stories of lives she could imaging never to have. I was naive for 27years of my life, but I don’t feel bad.

You can’t claim title as the worse. Generally the orgy of public demise reigns that one.
You are fine. I feel your confusion.
You were not deaf or blind.
You weren’t welcomed as one of a kind and I’m sorry for that.

Snails have the most insight into pattern.
Clear those eyes. Goodnight for now?